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Dear Fellow Citizens,

It is truly an honor to declare my candidacy for School Committee Ward 2 in Newton. For those of you who do not know me, I ran for this position two years ago on a platform of smarter spending, mandatory financial literacy classes for all students, and a comprehensive drug awareness program. After more than a decade in the schools, I knew solutions to the many problems facing the School Committee were just a student’s grassroots perspective away.

Significant gaps in our schools compel me to tap into my very recent experience in Newton schools and enter this race. In the 2015 Youth Risk Behavioral Survey, a mandatory survey the Newton Public Schools are required to administer, over 1,300 brave high school students self-reported that they did not have at least one adult in the schools they could talk to about a problem. When one in three students in Newton’s high schools are unable to trust even one adult in the place they spend hours in each day, change is urgently needed. We need a grassroots response, working hand in hand with students to find a solution.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 5.24.46 PM
Receiving my diploma from Principal Jennifer Price, June 2015

Newton students are more creative, energetic, and resilient than many across the county, but unless we give them the support and guidance they deserve, the same problems that have affected them will remain for years to come.

Over the next few months, our team will be knocking on doors, attending events, and reaching out to parents, students, teachers, administrators and community leaders for their opinions on a magnitude of issues impacting our students. If you would like to share your thoughts, please do not hesitate to email cyruskvaghar@gmail.com or call me on my cell phone (617)-823- 2556 anytime. Donations will accepted via ActBlue at cyrusvaghar.com/donate.

Cyrus Vaghar is a lifelong resident of Newton. He attended Cabot Elementary School, Bigelow Middle School and Newton North High School (’15). He attended Hebrew School at Brandeis University. He attends Regis College (Class of 2019). He currently resides in Newtonville. Election day is November 7, 2017 with a primary date to be announced soon, if needed. Any registered voter in Newton can vote for him.


A Brief background

Attending a Bernie Sanders rally, March 2016

As stated above, I was born and raised in Newton. My father in an Engineer for the US Army Corps of Engineers, his father was a general under the Shah of Iran. My mother is a successful real Estate Agent and her father, a doctor, was lucky to escape from Austria before the Holocaust. My brother, also a Newton North grad, has run his own nonprofit for the last decade.


Cabot Elementary School ’08

Bigelow Middle School ’11

Newton North High School ’15

Regis College, Bachelor of Arts ’19


Volunteer, Area Nonprofit (Summer 2013) – Learned various skills such as video production, networking, Quickbooks, and community outreach.

Summer Camp Maintenance (Summer 2016) – Learned about behind-the-scenes operations at summer camps from public school teachers and fellow students.

Teaching Assistant (Spring 2017) – Taught students how to use programs such as Microsoft Excel and import real-world data to make graphs, charts and pivot tables.

Additionally, served as a videographer for NewTV at Newton sports games, and a coach for Newton Youth Soccer (BAYS).

A quote from the controversial but inspiring, Malcolm X:

“There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.”

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