We Tried, We Failed

Hi Supporters,

We win some and we lose some. The result tonight was not expected. The goal was to get at least in the 30%s, with a big establishment turnout for the mayoral race perhaps pushing us down to the high 20%s. Truthfully, we were hoping the mayoral candidates brought out an anti-establishment vote, which clearly was not the case.
The unofficial numbers:
Albright – 12,041
Vaghar – 2,314
While we did better than last time purely in terms of number of votes, we got smoked in the percentage going from 21% –> 16%, which is due to many reasons, the most significant being a much bigger turnout.
At this point, running 2 years from now is unlikely, with 4 years being possible, but only with strong financial support. Still, I have never run just to run, and I hope that the current SC looks into the issues impacting students, so I don’t have to!
Volunteers &
Cyrus Vaghar