**To join my mailing list (about school news), send me an email with the subject “Mailing List” to**

I am full-time college student working on my Bachelors Degree, so my hours between January and May, and September and December can be interrupted. Nonetheless, if at any time you want to talk about what we can do to help both parents, students and taxpayers feel more connected to the School Committee, please do not hesitate to call. If I do not answer, please leave a voicemail and the best time to reach you, and I will do my best to call you back as soon as I can. If you would prefer, you can email me anytime.

If you would like to volunteer in any way (passing out flyers, talking to friends, holding a sign on election day etc.) please put ‘Volunteer‘ in the subject line. All volunteers, especially students and parents, are appreciated.


Cell: (617)-823-2556

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