Instead of a conventional endorsements list, here are what prominent Newton residents are saying about the campaign.

“Cyrus is a terrific neighbor and will be a great addition to the School Committee.” – Laurie and George Bower (Former English Teacher, Newton North High School), Newtonville.

“Young Cyrus will be the perfect compliment to the School Committee, representing a constituency that is almost invisible– students! We need fresh, new blood on the Committee and Cyrus is perfect for the job! Please vote for him!” – Jack Porter, Ph.D., (The Davis Center, Harvard University), Newtonville.

“Fortunately, Mr. Vaghar is again challenging (the incumbent) for SC and is again giving this issue (drugs in the schools), the attention it deserves.” – Jane Hanser, Newton Center.

“I plan on voting for Cyrus because he knows how important it is to move to a late high school start time… I am voting for someone who can get the job done.” – Jeffrey Pontiff, Ph.D., Chesnut Hill.

“Cyrus represents a segment of the population that needs to be considered…the students. Newton needs Cyrus’s perspective.” – Tom Sheff, Chestnut Hill.

(L->R Jake Rong, Geoffrey Woodward, Cyrus Vaghar)

“Earlier this summer, I was walking into the library when a young man running for School Committee asked for my signature to help him get on the ballot, which I happily gave… While Cyrus had shown up hours earlier to set up a booth with a friend to collect signatures and had just met me, he generously invited me to stick around, share his booth and collect signatures with him because, ‘Everyone deserves to share their message with the people.’… Cyrus understands student’s needs, and has spent countless hours of his time sharing his vision with the people of Newton. I wholeheartedly support Cyrus Vaghar for School Committee.” Geoffrey Woodward, Mayoral Candidate.