Personal Statement



For those of you who do not know me, my name is Cyrus and I attended Newton Public Schools from 2002-2015. Chances are, if I have not met you, I have met someone who knows you, weather it be from Cabot, Bigelow Newton North, BAYS, Newton Youth Soccer, Newton Little League, or from simply kicking and soccer ball or passing a football anywhere from Cold Springs to Forte Park or indoors at the YMCA. The list goes on.

I am an Independent. I would say I lean more Democratic in most political races, but there are certainly some where I would not hesitate to side with the Republican ticket. Some would refer to a voter like me as a moderate, but I would actually consider myself more of a Libretarian.

I am running purely because I believe it is the right think to do. No one has pressured me to run, in fact mores o the opposite. I do not have a degree from a prestigious university like many others, but I am aware of the issues impacting our students, and I am not afraid to let them be known. While I ran in 2015 unsuccessfully, 2017 is a new chapter in my book. Please keep in mind in 2015 I stated that we needed an immediate solution to the Opioid epidemic and I supported a “flipped start” time, which essentially would start the high schools later and make the elementary school earlier. I pegged the ideal high-school start time at 8:30am. I also stated the custodians in the high-schools had little oversight, and in March of 2016, three were alleged to be riding motor scooters around Newton North. Some of my suggestions were laughed off at the time.

If you live in Newton, you can vote for me on election day, Tuesday November 7th. It would be a true honor to be YOUR School Committee member.

Thank You,

Cyrus Vaghar