All links ordered newest to oldest. Updated weekly.

Newton TAB Letters – Various students across the Garden City have wrote to the Newton Tab in support of Cyrus For School Committee.

Village14 – An Article I wrote about the campaign so far and thoughts after knocking on 1,000 doors.

Patch | Village14 – Officially announcing my candidacy for 2017 race. Instead of a formal press release, I announced via an open letter to the community.

Newtonforum – A collection of 5 articles I wrote about Newton, mostly about Newton schools.

Debate 2015 (video) – A debate I participated in during the 2015 election cycle. Loads of fun and a true honor that 30+ residents showed up, although I suspect many were there to focus on the alderman race. A special thanks to everyone who made it happen (you know who you are!). At the 16:30 mark, I specifically mention my support for a flipped start time scenario (elementary schools starting before high schools). Two years later, my idea is now one of the leading proposals.

NSHS Lion’s Roar – An interview I did for Newton South High School’s best newspaper. 😉

NewTV 3 minute pitch (video) – A three minute pitch outlying the issues facing the Newton community. More classic videos are available on my YouTube channel.

NewtonTab Option – I shared my thoughts on the 2015 School Committee race just a few short days before the election.

Village14 – Press release announcing my candidacy in 2015. One of a few threads over the course of the 2015 School Committee race.